Friday, March 2, 2007

Vehicular Drama 4

Wednesday evening, I took receipt of the car once again - now with all fresh fluids, a new starter, a completely functioning driver's side door strap, new glow plugs. She's doing well, and starts perfectly, even after a long night out in the Wisconsin cold without her block heater! It's amazing what fresh glow plugs can do for cold starting!

She has an appointment the week after next to get her CV boots replaced (they're looking pretty worn) before they rip and cause problems. Plus, it gives the mechanics a chance to look at the rear end to make sure everything is working nicely.

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  1. I'm here talking with a friend, and he's wondering if there would be another way to heat the oil. Solar heat? Suddenly, i remember your solar still?....T

  2. Yeah, there are people out there whi have used sollar heat collectors to pre-heat the oil before it goes into the filter.

    A more portable solution is using the engine coolant to heat the oil as you filter it, sells a kit like this.