Saturday, March 3, 2007


I get a kick out of seeing our audience increase.

In February, our audience continued to increase steadily, but our adsense impressions stayed mostly flat - probably due to the fact that I removed Google ads from several key pages - like the homepage.

Also, our videos continued to draw attention, Promo has been viewed 439 times since Jan 7, and The Conversation has been viewed 127 times since Feb 10.

Thanks for watching us!

On Monday afternoon, we'll be making a presentation to the 2nd grade class of the Abraham Lincoln School, and we may get onto the evening news! Too bad we've already sold the TV and VCR, and therefore won't be recording it... If we can get a copy of that newscast, we'll try to post it.

The trip launches on March 26th, and don't forget to keep the ideas for car names coming in! We really want a good name by then!

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