Friday, March 2, 2007

We need a little help from our friends!


Starting March 26, we (Mary and Sacha) will be driving through 24 states this spring in a vegetable oil powered car. Along the way, we hope to do two things: (1) teach students and the general public about the science, health, and policies of alternative fuels, and (2) interview people who are pursuing alternative fuels through their research, commerce, and non-profit actions.

Here is our route and basic explanation of what we're doing.

We're both feeling a little overwhelmed. As you can imagine, this project is a (very) complex undertaking, it's launching very, very soon, and we could really use a little help from our friends!

We need information and tips along the following lines:
  • Schools/Teachers that may be interested in having us talk to their students (see here for ideas). The schools don't need to be on our route, but it's more fun if they are.
  • Local gatherings, fairs, green events, etc where we could stop by to meet people.
  • Sources of waste vegetable oil: chip factories, mexican restaurants, people who sell or have waste veggie oil as a fuel, etc.
  • Interview subjects/places of interest: co-ops, mechanics who convert cars to run on veggie oil, university researchers interested in algae-based vegetable oil, biodiesel, ethanol, alternative fuels, electric vehicles, etc. who wouldn't mind getting interviewed for the site.
  • Coporate Sponsorship: we'd like to sell ad space on our car and website in exchange for financial help. See here for things we can do in exchange for assistance.
  • Links/adversitement/notoriety: If you have a website, blog, magazine, email chain, etc that is related to politics, economy, science, energy, cars, travel, the environment, or any other related field - we'd love the attention!
  • Other creative ideas: Is there someone we should meet, something we should do, etc? Please tell us!
If you know any of this, or would be willing to help up find this stuff, please contact us and/or forward this post to people who might be interested.

Any information or help you can give us would be hugely appreciated!


Sacha and Mary

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  1. good luck on your trip...It should be a great time