Friday, March 30, 2007

Round on the ends and hi in the middle

Friends in Fairborn
Shortly after our last post from Indianapolis, we drove to Fairborn, OH (just Southeast of Dayton) to spend the night with our good friends Lt's A&C W. While there, we learned about the fantastic remodeling job they did with their house using recycled carpets, bamboo flooring, Energy Star appliances, and CFL bulbs. They have also been remodeling their lives - acquiring a menagerie of rescued animals and choosing a vegetarian diet - because they love animals and because the industrial meat industry is one of the most polluting industries out there.

While we're not vegeterian, we try to eat as much organics as we can, and have been looking much more closely at the impact of the food we eat lately. It's not pretty. Eat local and organic folks - it's often cheaper, always tastier, and causes far less pollution.

Students in Warren
We left early in the morning to drive 4 hours to East Middle School in Warren, OH (1 hour Southeast of Cleveland) to speak to ~45 seventh grade science students (we'll have photos up soon). There were a lot of good questions, and everyone seemed interested in the car.

Thanks to Drey's mom for helping us get that all set up!

After the Middle School gig, we drove to Cleveland for dinner with Betsy's mom, sister, and brother-in-law. We discussed the political and economical nexus of urban sprawl, highway construction, and public transportation.

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  1. Great to see you out here guys - we are so proud of you and were happy to help you on your epic journey!