Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Plans for Indianapolis did not turn out as anticipated but instead turned out to be like the rest of our moving experience. Chicago traffic was (and probably still is) a doozy. Three of the six lanes on Dan Ryan were closed and the moving truck and Minnie were moving at a snail's pace. We rolled into Indianapolis exactly at 7, just in time to for dinner.

So you might be asking, "What did you do with the moving truck?" All storage units were closed and our arms and backs were in no condition to transfer our whole entire apartment into a storage unit. We parked it in the sketchiest parking lot I've ever seen.

This morning we rented a 10'x10' unit and unloaded our two bedroom apartment into the space. Now we feel loads lighter and are walking with a spring in our steps.

THIS is how you pack a storage unit:

Indianapolis has been treating us very well and the people here have showed great interest in the car. We received an email this morning from a gentleman who drove behind us last night and this afternoon while stopped at an intersection, we received the international signal asking us to roll down our window. His question, "Is your car really running on vegetable oil?" Our answer, "We are running on veggie oil as we speak."

Our scars from the difficult moving experience have been erased by all the incredibly friendly Hoosiers.

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  1. 3 cubies of veggie oil right in front and one CFL light bulb...What else could you ask for?