Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have a supplier!

So, I (finally) found a good supply of vegetable oil in the form of a southeast Asian restaurant called "The Bamboo Hut," located in Madison by Midvale at the belt line highway. Everyone should go and have their (awesome) food. Especially anything fried.

Seriously, it's an awesome place, and the owners were very nice to chat with - I'm going to enjoy dealing with them.

I recently finished my portable vegetable oil pumping rig, so I will have photos and descriptions for your perusal tomorrow, I'm still recovering from tryptophan coma.

1 comment:

  1. Unless you already have the know how to make your instrument gauge backlit with LEDs, I've seen several versions of it and can help you out with it.

    The starter/solenoid: I highly suggest you cut the connections and fit new ones. Those things get really corroded and just don't make a good connection. Your starter itself could be just fine.

    Keep searching the junkyards/websites for mirrors - don't give in to buying from MB!! Don't give in to the dark side!!!!