Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is...

So, it's time to begin introducing the main player in this journey: the Benz-o.

She has been fitted with a greasecar kit (thanks Jeff!) so when the engine gets warm enough, I can run her on straight vegetable oil by pressing the switch by my left knee (above).

The gauge shows the level of the vegetable oil tank located in the spare wheel well in the trunk. I'd like to replace this tank with a larger one not in the wheel well, so I can put the spare wheel back in there (it's a pain).

Current problems:
  • Driver door doesn't seal well - it needs adjustment if I'm going to drive thousands of miles at highway speeds (loud and annoying)
  • Sun roof switch does not work - needs replacement.
  • Instrument panel lights are annoyingly dim - I want to replace with LEDs.
  • Radio has too many blinky lights and does not fit in with the interior - will replace with a more sedate Pioneer unit from my brother (thanks Oliver!).
  • Headlights need adjustment - they are misaligned.
  • Starter motor sometimes does not connect, may need replacement.
  • Starter solenoid sometimes has problems, needs replacement.
  • 1982 Mercedes Benz cars did not come with a right-side mirror. For me, this is a safety issue. I don't like driving with fewer mirrors than I should have. What if we end up piling tons of things into the back seat? That takes me down to one mirror! This situation needs to be remedied. Does anyone know of an inexpensive solution? I found a $250 kit - but that's pretty steep for a manual mirror, even if it is for a Mercedes...

1 comment:

  1. Sunroof switch may just need cleaning.

    The starter or relay may be still good, clean the contacts any way, do check out your ignition key switch.

    As for the dimness of the console, the pod need to be replaced (or just solder a jumper cable, your light will set to the brightest.)

    The side mirror can be bought from ebay or junk yard, make sure the year matches.