Thursday, November 30, 2006

The filtration kit

Last night, I finished off the portable filtration kit and took several photos.

Here is a good overview, with a few labels to help orient you:

And here is a schematic to help you clearly see what is going on:

The three triangles indicate a three-way valve, each valve can direct flow to either of its outputs. These valves allow me to use this kit both as a filtration system and as a non-filtering transfer pump.

In filtration mode, Oil enters the suction hose, passes through the filter, through the filter to pump line, then through the pump, and finally exits out the discharge hose.

In oil transfer mode, the oil enter the suction hose, goes through the bypass line, and then through the pump and discharge hose.

This allows me to bypass the filter when I want to only move fluid, not filter it. In an earlier test, I was able to pump a 5 gallon container relatively quickly in bypass mode.

I'm sure you'll notice that the filter to pump line is a different color than the remainder of the hoses. The black hoses are 3/4" interior diameter (ID) water heater hose. It's cheap and flexible, perfect for this application. It's almost exactly the same stuff used at gas stations.

The white hose is intended for water spa use. It's intended for high pressures, is expensive, and isn't very flexible. That's why I used it at the section that will experience the highest vacuum (the area between the suction end of the pump and the outlet of the filter). This hose is nicely sturdy and crush-proof, so it should survive well in this spot, no matter how clogged the filter gets.

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