Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Once you build a portable filter like this, you quickly realize that the filter housing holds a lot of oil. Much of that oil is now on my basement floor.

I experimented with plastic bags and rubber bands to get the leaking under control, but then I realized that I should engineer my way out of this problem.

After really looking at the thing, I realized that the discharge hose isn't a problem because the nozzle handle acts as a valve, so the system doesn't leak out the discharge nozzle.

The suction strainer is a different situation entirely, that's where all the oil was coming from! So, I cut off the discharge strainer and used garden hose connectors to temporarily reconnect it when needed. When not in use, the suction strainer goes in a zip-lock bag and I have an end cap for the suction hose.

Now, I no longer have oil slicks everywhere. When not in use, the system is oil-tight! The next step is to put it into a case for transport.

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