Monday, May 19, 2008

Bye bye, Minnie, I'm carless!

I moved to Chicago a few weeks ago and after a brief period of practicing car free living, I decided to live car free for real, so I placed Minnie on Craigslist and sold her yesterday afternoon!

Now, going carless is an odd thing for me to even attempt. I've owned at least one motorized vehicle since I was 17. At one time, I had three vehicles licensed in my name! I love driving cars and motorcycles (obviously, given this website's original intent).

While it feels odd to no longer have a car, I don't need one.
I live three blocks from an 'L' stop, and there are two major bus lines right outside my door.
I live about 2 miles from work, so I bike there every day. It takes me 35 minutes to get to work by train, 25 minutes by bus, and 15 by bike.
There are grocery stores, restaurants, hardware shops, thrift stores and more within walking and biking distance.

What I found during my experimental phase is that eliminating driving from your available transportation sources is pretty easy (and not just for people living in dense urban centers).

I'm going to continue posting about my experiences going carless in Chicago this year.

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  1. Thank you for selling us (family of four) the car. On our 300 mile trip back we fell in love, and even the girls have promised to help take good care of the car.

    And we're all excited to begin our adventure, and to reduce our carbon footprint. We already have a couple of other families asking us questions and seriously considering buying an SVO vehicle this year.

    Thanks again.