Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank You.

The trip is over (and was a resounding success) - this will be my final post to this blog for the foreseeable future. Thank you everyone who watched our travels.

For this large, complicated venture to be a success, many people helped us out. Here is (I hope) an exhaustive list of all the people we need to thank. If we overlooked your name, I deeply apologize.

iGo power adapters

Fossil Fuels Anonymous
John E.

Abraham Lincoln School, Monona, WI
Cathy and Madeline K.
Sandhill School, Stoughton, WI
Sam R.
East Middle School, Warren, OH
Andrew K. and Mrs. M.
St. Mary's School, Goldsboro, NC
South Valley Academy, Albuquerque, NM
Julie R.
Acalanes HS, Walnut Creek, CA
Richelle H.

Fuel Donors/Assistance
Brian, Madison, WI
Tom's Restaurant, Cleveland, OH
Peter Pratt's Inn, Yorktown, NY
Paul C. , New Jersey
Piedmont Biodiesel CoOp, NC
Carlos' Cuban Cafe, Tallahassee, FL
Red Bar, FL
Anonymous gumbo shop, Lake Charles, LA
DieselGreen Fuels, Austin, TX
CEHMM, Carlsbad, NM
Escape Adventures, Las Vegas, NV
Dean O., Los Angeles, CA
Lovecraft Biofuels, Los Angeles, CA
Sequential Biofuels Eugene, OR
GreaseWorks Corvallis, OR
Grease Kings Sacramento, CA
Denver BioDiesel Denver, CO
Toby N. Lawrence, KS

The FillUp4Free Network

Many Relatives, Chicago, IL
Community, Indianapolis, IN
Casey and Amanda, Fairborne, OH
Jen B., Cleveland, OH
Harry, Dover, NJ
Kim, NY,NY
Betsy, New Haven, CT
Nat, D.C.
Dirk and Jen, Norfolk, VA
Oliver, Goldsboro, NC
Lynn, Savannah, GA
Marianne, NOLA
Mr. and Mrs. C., Lake Charles, LA
Carrie and Rob, Austin, TX
Beth and Aaron, Austin, TX
Mom, Albuquerque, NM
Aunts and Uncles, Los Angeles, CA
Jessica, Visalia, CA
Rita, Fairfield, CA
Sarah, Berkeley, CA
Jeff and Marie, Berkeley, CA
Lynda and Peter, E-ville, CA
Devidas, Portland, OR
Tyler, Tacoma, WA
Sean and Coletta, Seattle, WA
Luis, Boulder, CO
Amber, Denver, CO

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