Saturday, July 7, 2007

Grease Kings

A big part of driving this far on vegetable oil is finding good sources of fuel. My emergency filtration kit is okay in a pinch, but there's no way I can filter 40 gallons through it without going nuts. This led me to visit the Grease Kings.

Searching the SF bay area for a source of Veg Oil on, I found GreaseKings - a company that makes and installs Vegetable Oil kits, and handles all things vegetable oil in Sacramento, CA.

I called Rich (Grease Kings' owner) and asked if I could get about 35 gallons of oil, and headed up to Sacramento to fill up Minnie. On my way out the door, my phone rings again "hey, are you that guy driving around the country - on the National VegOil Board website?" That's right I experienced my first (and only) moment of web-celebrity!

When I arrived, we chatted briefly about his work with Grease Kings before he dashed off to a meeting.

It looks like the Grease Kings shop manufacturers all their conversion kit equipment in-house (their heated filter housings look very cool), which allows them to maintain high quality control. Their kit is a single-tank system with coolant heating.

As I've mentioned before, I really like single tank systems for their simplicity, and I wish Minnie had one, but (having driven Minnie through a Wisconsin winter) I'm worried about extreme cold weather (below zero F) performance. But for West Coast (and even 10 months of Wisconsin), driving, a single tank system is so much better than the headaches of a dual tank kit!

So, if you happen to be in the Sacramento area, go check out GreaseKings and say hello to Rich for me!

Rich, Minnie, and me.

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