Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A unique rideshare offer.

I posted this and this to the SF bay Craigslist...

On June 19, I'm planning on taking roughly 4 days to drive from the San Francisco Bay area to the Portland Metro area. Since my usual partner in crime is in Indiana, I will have a spare seat in the car.

Thus, I have a unique opportunity for some adventuresome soul: take three to four days to drive along the Pacific coast in a carbon-neutral vehicle, filming interviews along the way.

If you're new to the Vegetable Oil Road Trip project, see here and here to see what we've been up to - or just poke around this blog and website so you understand what you're getting yourself into.

The itinerary (as best as I can figure it, all subject to change):
Day 1 (6/18-ish)
Leave from Berkeley
Stop at the Sonoma County Biofuels Co-Op for refueling and interviews
Stop at the Yokayo biodiesel plant for refueling and interviews
Camp in the Fort Bragg area for the night

Day 2
Drive to Humboldt State University for interviews
Camp at Redwood National Forest for the night

Day 3
Stop in Corvallis, OR

Day 4
Interviews, refueling, etc in Corvallis in the morning.
Drive to Portland

The path looks something like this.

Requirements for the person I pick up:
  • Someone that won't completely annoy me after Day 1.
  • Good conversation skills.
  • Be fairly liberal - and I don't necessarily mean that in the political sense, I mean that in the have an open mind and a broad background sense.
Money issues:
This will cost you $80 (that's about half of what fuel would cost for this trip) + your half of food, snacks, camping fees, incidentals, etc.

Food issues:
I'm an omnivore. If you're vegetarian, I'm willing to make reasonable concessions to help you keep your (admittedly more environmentally friendly) diet, but we're driving through some relatively out of the way areas - I don't know what we'll find.

Storage issues:
The trunk is entirely taken up by fuel. You'll get about half of the back seat. pack light.

Contact me if any of this sounds like your cup of tea.

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