Monday, June 4, 2007

A few updates

I spoke with three classes of high school seniors at the Acalanes High School today - it was their last full day of classes before finals. It was a lot of fun - I'll hopefully have some photos from today posted within a week or so (I'm using analog film now, so that means I have to wait for archaic things like processing - yuck). Also, we had a photographer present from the Contra Costa Times, so hopefully, we'll get into the paper!

I had a lot of fun, but I forgot how tired I get after doing a lot of public speaking, I'm out of practice!

Speaking of public speaking, this evening I attended Berkeley Professor Jay Keasling's talk about renewable energy from synthetic biology - he has an interesting approach to biofuels - one project that caught my attention was converting waste biomass into oil for fuel using synthetic biology. I don't know if this is more efficient than just burning waste biomass in a syngas process to make synthetic fuel - unfortunately I arrived late so I don't know if he addressed it. If you go here in the next few days, you'll be able to view his slides and listen to an MP3 of the presentation. I'm waiting for the MP3 myself so I can find out the answer to my question!

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