Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lovecraft Biofuels, Los Angeles

I have to admit that I had been looking forward to visiting Lovecraft because their components look so cool - I love the tatoo-style pierced heart logo on everything. I'm not going to wade into the controversy over whose VegOil conversion kit is better, but I do wish that the components for the conversion kit installed in Minnie looked this cool.

In the hipster Silverlake district in L.A. lies Lovecraft Biofuels. We had a chance to hang out and talk to people in the office, installers, and founder Brian, shooting an hour of video in the process.

Lovecraft's technology varies from most conversion kits available in the US in that their system uses only one tank (Minnie has a two tank system installed). This means that cars running Lovecraft's system start on VegOil. To accomplish this, feat, Lovecraft installs hotter glow plugs and alters the Glow Plug Relay so it uses the glow plugs for longer than standard diesel engines. This creates enough heat to start the engine on straight veggie oil - once started, the engine runs normally with no noticeable differences. Without knowing the exact technology used in each kit, it sounds like Lovecraft uses a similar design as Elsbett's single tank system, but with a more robust fuel filter design.

Lovecraft is located at 4000 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. They also have a (just opened) shop in Portland, OR located at 1261 Division Street. If you have any questions about vegetable oil as a fuel, or diesel cars in general, I highly recommend stopping by.

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