Sunday, May 27, 2007

Berkeley Refueling Notes

We just filled up at the BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley, CA - a startup business of five women selling 100% biodiesel out of a workspace on the west side of Berkeley.

While waiting for our turn at the pump, we met Alania (I really hope I spelled that right) a traveling saleswoman for Livity Outernational - an organic clothing company. She was refueling her Bio-Beetle Rental Car with biodiesel. Apparently, she really enjoys renting from them: "The last time I rented from them, I didn't want to give the car back!"

Full disclosure: she gave us organic cotton and hemp (for me) and soy (for Mary) tee-shirts to try out (Thanks!). We have to admit that we're hooked - we both loved the silkscreened pattern, material colors, feel, and fit. And we also thought that it is very cool that all the materials were made from organic sources...

I believe that you can purchase their clothes online or at Whole Foods stores.

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