Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Further Delays...

Just got a call from the auto shop - Minnie will not be out of the mechanic's till Thursday afternoon. I have to forgive them, because here are the excuses:
  • The technician working on Minnie went to the hospital in pain yesterday - turns out he had (has?) kidney stones.
  • Minnie's new injector (the old one was cracked - hence the smoky exhaust) can't be found from any supplier - it's getting shipped in from overseas.
That's essentially like saying that you didn't finish your homework because you came down with cancer - I can't possibly be upset; they're obviously doing all they can despite a run of terrible luck.

However, we're now completely out of our allotted slush time - every further delay means we have to cut something from the schedule - we're considering removing the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, L.A., or Fresno from the itinerary. The problem is they're all spaced to make driving easier, so cutting any of them equals a long day of driving in a car with no A/C. And, I keep finding new biofuels companies to visit.


  1. Hi Sacha and Mary! Discovered your blog only 2 days ago and have read it all with great enthusiasm. I don't think you guys will ever forget this trip!

    At this stage in my life, when I'm young but already disenchanted with life as a corporate engineer, it's exciting to see two interesting people not only commit to an ideal but propagate it widely amongst others. What an inspiration!

    I hope you manage to sort the car trouble soon and continue on your great adventure. Although it's a little harder to get help and parts here in Australia, I hope to follow your lead one day soon and have Lurch, my '77 300D, running on wvo just like Minnie.

    All the very best,


  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the kind words - good luck getting Lurch converted to WVO!

    Warm regards,