Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bumps, Planning, Update

Things have been a little busy lately - we're planning out the final few weeks of the trip (assuming that we get Minnie back by Thursday morning):
  • Thursday 5/17: Drive to Grand Canyon
  • Sunday 5/20: Drive to Las Vegas
  • Monday 5/21: Visit with two companies involved with veggie oil in Las Vegas
  • Tuesday 5/22: Drive to Los Angeles - visit with Lovecraft biofuels
  • Wednesday 5/23: Drive to Fresno
  • Thursday 5/24: Drive to the San Francisco bay area (and try to avoid I-580)
    • -visit with the Alternative Energy Oasis
Update on Minnie:
I spoke with the mechanics on Tuesday afternoon - looks like we're waiting for only one part - a replacement for a leaky injector (very quick replacement, when the part is in the mechanic's hand). Hopefully it will arrive by Wednesday, so we can get Minnie all packed up for a Thursday morning departure.

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