Monday, February 26, 2007

Travel - Touring Boston

We recently met Jill and Brian who lived in Boston for several years and had many suggestions for our visit. They suggested we take the duck tour of the city. The (admittedly very touristy) tour is a fun-filled 80 minutes of history and quacking. The Freedom Trail is another good way to explore Boston: we just have to follow the red arrows over 2.5 mile trail that will lead us to 16 historic Revolutionary sites. Another suggestion was to take a trip through the underground tunnels of MIT after dark to experience the unique night life of the students.

For the flower and art lovers, the Glass Flowers at the Harvard Museum of Natural History exhibits 847 plant species in different stages of development, marrying art and engineering. This collection was originally commissioned for teaching botany and now an art attraction.

Since we are complete dorks, we are most excited about visiting the Boston Public Library. When it opened its doors, the BPL was the first public lending library.

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