Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Announcement: name our car - win stuff

We grow weary of having a car with no name. Therefore, we are holding a contest to name the car. If you name the car, these fabulous prizes will be yours:

  • An insulated mug suitable for use in a car - be it a 6200-mile road trip or your daily commute - this thing will keep your beverage hot, cold, or lukewarm. Hapilly bedecked with our logo, assembled by our crack team of mug assemblers.
  • A packet of Twining's Earl Grey Tea and a packet of coffee - to go with the mug. We don't know if you prefer coffee or tea - this way you will be caffinated no matter what your beverage choice is.
  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Because who doesn't like Jelly Beans?
  • Godiva Dark Chocolates. These need no explanation.
  • Wisconsin Classic Cheddar and Smoky Cheeses - because we're in Wisconsin.
  • Toasted Sesame crackers - to go with the cheese.
  • Garlic infused olive oil - because we had to include vegetable oil in here somewhere.
  • Possibly something else may drop in this cornucopia, who knows?
And now, the rules of this contest...

All entries must:
  • Be agreed upon by both Sacha and Mary as a good name for the car
  • Have some interesting feature - additional meaning, history, etc.
  • Be submitted through our contact form, with the subject of "Idea 4 Car Name"
  • Include your email address (or some other way of notifying you)
  • Be submitted by March 23, 2007, midnight Central time.
  • Not be submitted by anyone related to either Sacha or Mary.
  • The winner relinquishes their ownership of the name they came up with
Keep in mind: no whining - we have to live with the car name for the life of this car, so if yours doesn't get chosen, it's not personal.

We will choose the winner before departing Madison on March 26, 2007.

Update: a hint to help you out: we're pretty sure the car is a she, not a he.

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  1. May I submit more than one idea?