Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Travel - Philly

Things to do in Philadelphia
Historical Philadelphia contains the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall, where the U.S. government had its very beginnings. What excites us most about Philly is the chance to visit the largest outdoor Italian market (on 9th between Christian St and Washington Ave). We both love to cook, so specialty food markets of any kind get us excited.

On our list of things to see is of Benjamin Franklin's invention museum and the world's largest suspension bridge. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is 1.8 miles long and was completed before most of us were born (1926). Being huge fans of sculpture, we will probably stop by Rodin Museum. It has the largest collection of Rodin pieces outside of the Musee Rodin in Paris. Of course, while we are in the city we will have to try a cheesesteak sandwich (I hear that we should get it "wit' whiz", or don't even bother) and a hoagie. Let us know where the best place is for either sandwich and also leads to other good foods are appreciated.

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