Monday, August 11, 2008

Truck Tales 2: Monster Truck for Rent

Here is the second (and final, for now) tale of trucks in Chicago:

Monster Truck for Rent:
"It's not going to fit."

"Sure it will," I say with false bravado. We lift the dresser and start waddling out towards the street and towards the too tiny car. We pop the trunk, and lift again. There's no way the dresser's going to fit.

We turn to the seller, she needs to get rid of it before the next day. "Ok, looks like it's not going to fit, we either need to borrow a truck or do something. We'll give you a call if it turns out we can get it from you." She looks crestfallen as we carry the dresser back inside and drive away in the too tiny car.

Later that evening, do some brainstorming and call the building supply store about their truck rentals. "Sure, it's 19.95 for the first 75 minutes, and you pay for gas."

The following evening, we rent a Ford Super Duty truck with a gigantic steel bed. It's a monster truck. In Chicago.

Right away, we notice the reverence other drivers give to this huge beast with sharp corners. Changing lanes is suddenly easy: turn on your blinker, and the waves of traffic part cleanly - no one wants to be between you and where you want to go.

Giddy with power, we cruise through quiet evening streets, picking up and delivering furniture, and returning well within 75 minutes and 0.3 gallons of fuel.

Monster trucks for rent - I love it.

image: Gunslinger from wikimedia commons

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