Monday, August 4, 2008

Truck Tales 1: Red Menace

I have two stories to tell about trucks in Chicago:

1. Red Menace

Pedalling down Grand Avenue, I feel a whoosh of air as a large, red Chevy pickup passes within inches, its engine roaring as it accelerates past.

It changes lanes quickly, the driver aggressively muscling through traffic. I lose sight of the truck as it passes over the freeway overpass.

At the Grand and Milwaukee intersection, I slide between stopped cars. I chuckle to myself as I ride past the stopped red Chevy truck.

As soon as I reach the crosswalk, the light goes green, and I pedal through. Three blocks down, the pickup passes me again, thankfully in the far lane this time. I again lose sight of the truck when it passes over the Chicago River bridge leading into downtown.

I turn North on Des Plaines, I'm about a mile from my appointment. Near Division, I get passed again by the red truck - traffic is looser here so it changes lanes more frequently, pushing to go as fast as possible. The truck pulls over and parks near North Avenue, and I cruise past just as the driver gets out.

All that frenetic driving, just to arrive at the same time as a guy on a bike? Sad.

image: Chevy Silverado from wikimedia commons

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