Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two Chicagos

Since moving here, I have truly fallen in love with this city - everything is so convenient to my apartment - shopping, work, entertainment are all but moments away.

Recently a friend came to visit with her car. She wanted to explore and join me for some errands (plus, I'd been dying to make a run to Costco). So, we hopped into her car and took off for (I thought) a quick round of shopping followed by some sightseeing and dinner. We quickly slammed into a different Chicago - gridlocked traffic, terrible drivers. Everything suddenly appeared inconvenient and far away from my apartment.

"Why are all the shops in the opposite direction of where we want to end up?" my companion groaned. I was frustrated and annoyed. What happened to my easy-to-get-around city, where miles slide away beneath my wheels? Why is my blood pressure so high?

Every time a bicycle slid effortlessly through traffic, I followed them jealously with my eyes.

Is this what Chicago looks like to people with cars? I don't think I could handle it.

I can't believe how different my attitude is after only a few months without owning a car.

image: wikimedia commons gridlock.svg

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