Friday, May 23, 2008

Repairs and blinky lights

While refilling my tires with air at a neighborhood air pump, I damaged my bike's air valve (I have no clue how I managed it), and ended up limping home with a flat front tire.

Purchased a new tube (with Slime sealant built in): $7.86

I also will be working a week or so of midnight shifts pretty soon (yuck). I realized that not only is my bike black, but it is reflectorless and lightless. So, off to Amazon for some Planet Bike blinky front and rear lights.

Purchased new Planet Bike Front and Rear kit: $10.18

As long as I'm talking about costs, I might as well come clean on my CTA bill. Since arriving in Chicago, I have purchased $45 in CTA fare (this also includes the cost for interviewing at jobs, etc).

So, my total is $63.04

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