Monday, July 2, 2007

Catching up

I'm in Corvallis, OR where I just finished visiting the folks at Greaseworks, purchasing some Viton [pdf] fuel lines and 22 gallons of vegetable oil.

I also attended a monthly meeting of the Northwest Biodiesel Network.

I'm currently headed back to the SF Bay area for S & O's wedding on 7/8.

After that, I'm headed to the Neighborhood Biodiesel Conference in Golden, CO 7/13-7/15.

And I should be in Indianapolis by that following weekend to rejoin Mary and get some sleep. After three months on the road, I can't wait to finally stay in one place for more than two nights in a row...

Also, I nearly forgot: if you're going somewhere this summer, check this guy out - he might give you a ride. Too bad he's not using biodiesel or other biofuels.

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