Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Viscosity Testing: day 1

I'm almost done with day 1 of testing. So far, I haven't noticed any change in any of the samples. I've been heating and stirring them constantly at 65-75C. So far, there is no noticeable difference in viscosity or color.

The color was the most surprising thing for me - I expected to see huge changes like those photographed in the article I'm trying to investigate. Maybe after three days I'll see something else.

Unfortunately, as I still don't have a replacement digital camera, I can't post photos until I get this roll of film developed (geeze I hope that these pictures come out - I forgot how completely terrifying analog film is - if the photos don't turn out, I get zero visual data!).


  1. Car engines heat up much hotter than 65-75C. Try 150-200C or more.

  2. I'm duplicating the conditions in the vegetable oil tank - 65 to 75 C are probably higher than the actual temps.