Friday, June 22, 2007

Northern California, Oregon, Portland

I am now sitting in the Chance of Rain Cafe in the Hawthorne area of Portland. Minnie made it - the end of the trip!

On Tuesday I drove from Berkeley North along the California coast to Fort Bragg along Highway 101 to the 1 - one of my favorite roads in the world, and camped just North of Fort Bragg (where I glimpsed some harbor seal pups!).

On Wednesday, I drove further up to the Redwoods National and State Parks. Here I am standing next to the aptly named "Big Tree," 1,500 years old and 30+ foot diameter trunk. The little speck in the bottom right is me. I'm smiling.

Thursday evening, I drove into Corvallis, OR, home of Oregon State University. I spoke with D.H., a chemical engineering professor who filled me in on all the amazing biofuels work going on in the area.

...and then this morning, I drove the last 1.5 hours to Portland to complete the trip. I'll post more about Portland once I've actually met people, etc (and done some laundry!).

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