Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What happens next?

It's been a busy few days, here are a few quick updates:

We're currently in Visalia, California (just South of Fresno) meeting an old friend of Mary's.

This morning we interviewed people at Lovecraft biofuels - a company building and installing vegetable oil conversion kits - very cool stuff (they gave us some VegOil - thanks!). We shot about an hour of footage, and we also met D.O., the man who originally talked us into visiting LA (he also gave us some VegOil - thanks!), and saw his sweet ride - a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300D - Minnie's younger sister.

Unfortunately our still camera met an untimely death in the Grand Canyon, so no more photos until I can get an inexpensive replacement. See Mary's post for one of its last pictures.

We keep getting this question from people:
What happens after the trip is over? What happens next?

Here's the basic plan:
  • 5/30: Mary flies back to Wisconsin to pick up her car and drive to Indianapolis and begin her intern year there.
  • Next: I drive to Portland to complete the road trip.
  • After that: I wish to enter the biofuels industry. I have training and experience in chemical engineering and project management. I hope I can find some opportunities there. Yes, please consider this a request for networking assistance...
The website and this blog will not be going away.
The website will continue to be a resource for biofuels and pollution health. I hope to extend the number of articles available and I will continue to blog here about my experiences in looking for an opportunity for myself within the biofuels industry (I'm certain that my job search will involve more vegetable oil powered road-tripping and speaking with biofuels pioneers if nothing else).

Also, I have something like 15 hours of video to go through and edit. I plan on making a series of web-ready films to post - those will be interesting - we've talked to a lot of very interesting people on this trip.

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