Sunday, April 22, 2007

Very, very, very busy

We're in the middle of a busy stretch right now, here's the highlights - I promise we'll post on all this stuff soon!
  • We're doing great - the warm weather is a welcome change, and no one is sick anymore
  • The car is doing great - we just completed an oil change, replaced a door seal (finally!), and fixed a leaky injector line (it may have been leaking since day 1 - oops!)
  • We received the GPS unit, and aside from a few quirks, it has been very helpful
    • Actually, I love it, and Mary hated it, until we figured out how to make it speak en Espanol.
    • Now she still hates it, but enjoys the chance to practice en Espanol.
  • We visited the Piedmont biofuels coop today and shot about 1.5 hours of video, met the members, a director or two, and filled up with about 10 gallons of biodiesel and about 36 gallons of vegetable oil (thanks guys!)
  • Tomorrow morning, we'll be talking to the students at the St. Mary's School here in Goldsboro, and then we'll drive 5 hours to Savannah, GA - a place we've both wanted to visit for quite some time...

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