Saturday, April 28, 2007

Languid Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is a city that seems perpetually slow and languid with its large trees with overhanging Spanish moss creating an umbrella over streets and numerous parks that beckon you to sit and enjoy the shade. This is true of the historic district of Savannah, where the city was once built as walkable neighborhoods, each centered on a square park. The district has architecturally remarkable mansions and townhouses decorated with beautiful ironwork. We spent an afternoon exploring the parks and neighborhoods, admiring our surroundings and enjoying the slow pace.

Savannah is also known as an important port and naturally River Street runs right next to the Savannah River to allow tourists and locals alike to people and boat-watch. We strolled the cobblestone street and filled our bellies with seafood (crabs and oysters) and tasted local beers. And, as we watched the boats and barges, we noticed two porpoises traveling down the river. Unfortunately, we were not quick enough to take pictures.

In addition to seafood, we had to get our fill of Southern food while we were in Georgia. We visited two local food joints and had some of the best Southern food we have ever tasted (pan-fried pork chops, collard green, okra, sweet potatos). Before leaving, we made sure to get the daily special list to recreate the meals ourselves.

We can’t wait to visit Savannah and LT again.

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