Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Feeling fine

After my last post, we received a deluge of concerned emails and calls. Thanks everyone, but we're feeling fine now. No, seriously, we feel fine. Stop worrying. Really.

We just spent a week in NYC with C.G. and K.L., we were complete tourists, just walking around and snapping photos, sleeping 10 hours a night, and completely getting over our colds. We both woke up this morning feeling rested and healthy. Completely ready to tackle the next (short) leg of our journey.

Tomorrow, we are driving south to D.C. (it's 15 degrees warmer there!). On the way, we'll be stopping by Southampton, NJ to pick up a load of veggie oil (yay for the Internet!), and we might swing by Philly for a cheese steak or good Vietnamese food. We'll be in D.C. for four days, staying with Miss N, taking things nice and easy.

In fact, we've arranged things so that the remainder of our trip will be luxuriously slow as compared to our drag-race to the East Coast was. We're making sure that we have recuperation days between travel days, and loads of time to just relax.

Other things coming down the pipe:
We are working to speak to an Elementary School in Goldsboro, NC - hopefully that works out.
We are looking for Earth Day happenings in D.C. and Virginia.

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