Friday, April 20, 2007

The Environment is Everywhere - Unreported Fish Kill in Goldsboro, NC

The main message I try to explain to the people we talk to is this: the environment is everywhere; everything you do, no matter how small, has an effect. By examining the effects of our actions, we can reduce our impact on the environment.

This weekend, we're staying with my brother in a condo in Goldsboro, NC. Behind his place, there is a small creek that is usually teeming with fish.

Apparently, just before our arrival, due either to dumping directly into the stream, or chemical or fertilizer use near the stream (and recent heavy rains), all the fish suddenly died. When we arrived, we saw workers cleaning dead fish from the stream. We're talking everything from tiny minnows to 3-foot long monsters.

Of course that's not where it ends: there is an egret that lives nearby and hunts for fish in the stream; there are geese that travel through here and stop to eat. The effects of this fish kill goes on and on. Who drinks or uses this water now tainted with rotting fish?

I searched around online and found that this is Goldsboro's unreported environmental disaster.

Here are photos of some fish left behind by the cleanup workers. The second one was huge - easily 2 feet long.


  1. sorry to know

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  4. Wow big stuff right there. That kind of stuff is always happening in g-boro. Do you seriously think driving that car will help it any?

  5. @Anonymous: yes, I do think that driving my car and raising awareness about these kinds of things will help. If everyone pays attention to this kind of thing, we can help prevent it.