Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boston to New Haven

Yesterday morning we woke feeling a little better (we're still sick, but getting better)

We decided to take a walk across the bridge from Cambridge into Boston and take a look around some of the most expensive real estate in the country - again, we were struck by how much Boston reminded us of cities in Europe, both in architecture and in scale - the city center is so walkable!

After wandering around a bit, we found our way to the library where we found a friend welcoming us - Minerva!

The Goddess of wisdom perched above the Boston Library.

After our morning walk, we drove down to New Haven using 5 gallons of Soybean oil purchased from Costco. Hopefully we'll have better luck getting oil in Connecticut or New York - because we were sick and disorganized, we messed up a few chances to refuel in Eastern Massachusetts.

In New Haven, we met up with Betsy (the winner of the car naming contest) and delivered her prizes.

We also met D.R., who can say "Your mother is a fish" in 50 languages. I'm not entirely certain why this is an important skill to have, but I was impressed nonetheless.

Now that we're both on the mend, we'll hopefully have more interesting adventures to share - we've really been just sitting on couches napping and blowing noses.

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  1. Is Athena insulted that you're using any old vegetable oil and not pure Greek olive oil? I'd offer a sacrifice to ensure her patronage.

    Congrats on making it all the way out to the East Coast already! I haven't found any more sponsors for you yet but am trying to get caught up on the blog.

    Much good health and oil to you. I'll try to keep in touch.