Thursday, April 26, 2007

1 month, 100 posts

Hello everyone! We've just reached the one month point. Here are some highlights of the trip...

So far, we have taught approximately 430 primary school students and 20 fighter pilot and WSO students. We have also talked to numerous strangers, friends, and even a few dogs about biofuels.

We have traveled through 13 states, driving 3948 miles, using only 14.969 gallons of petroleum diesel, and we've paid $175 for fuel so far (biofuels and petroleum combined).

Since we get 25 miles per gallon, that works out to 90.5% of our trip on biofuels (this is skewed low due to the fact that we have a full tank of biodiesel. Don't worry - as we go along, that number will drop, but so far, we are meeting our goal of 90% biofuels.

Out of 30-ish nights on the road, we have spent 1 in a motel, 1 in a campground (last night), 1 was paid for by Mary's residency program, 3 on Sacha's Marriott points, and the rest have been on the couches of our many extremely generous (and far-flung) friends and family. Heartfelt thanks to each of you for helping us make this trip a reality - you are the reason we are able to complete this trip.

We've also reached our 100th post to this blog.

Thanks everyone who is following along - we appreciate it immensly.

Please also note that we have been away from reliable internet for the past few days, so our blog posts have been slow - we'll get better, we promise!

We have (finally) uploaded photos from our talks in Goldsboro, NC - see the gallery here:
Vegetable Oil Road Trip Schools

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