Friday, March 23, 2007

Warm weather, criminal activity

We just finished reading the excellent Freakonomics, and now are seeing interesting correlations everywhere. For instance, warmer weather leads to increased criminal activity. Here is how we know this.

Lately it has gotten much warmer at night. Yesterday morning we woke up to find that the car had been broken into!

Actually, it could have been much much worse.

I left the car unlocked (d'oh!) but, they didn't break any windows (yay!).

They stole the faceplate off the radio (d'oh!) but, they didn't harm the dash (yay!) and, I didn't like that radio anyhow - I happened to have its replacement sitting around the house, so it only cost me $50 of labor to get it replaced with a radio I like more anyhow (double yay!).

They trashed the glovebox trying to get in (d'oh!) they had trouble getting into the glovebox because the latch was broken. I happened to have the replacement parts sitting in the house (yay!).

The only other thing they stole was a pair of $14 sunglasses for driving (huh?).

So overall, it was mostly annoying - the total cost for the break-in was around $100, so aside from the feelings of violation, we got away relatively cheaply (last time I had a break-in it was MUCH more expensive).

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