Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gettin' Ready to Get on the Road

This has been a pretty long weekend - on Friday, I quit my job at the Mega Corp and spent much of Friday evening in boozy communion with my ex-coworkers, managing to capture some excellent footage for future blackmail attempts on video.

This morning, we went to a truck rental facility (let's call them SchmU-Shmaul) and picked up a gigantic truck we were certain would be too large for our meagre possessions. Turns out I grossly underestimated the sheer volume of junk one can accommodate in a tiny two-bedroom flat. Special thanks to Dr. B.J. (hah!) and Mr. J.W. for the assistance and encouragement. People who help their friends move have especially good Karma - you will both be missed.

Tomorrow morning is the departure date - by tomorrow afternoon, we will be in Chicago, IL.


  1. blackmail footage? oh right...almost forgot about that teary tribute I gave to you. :)

  2. @Rach: nope, you should ask some of the other people who were there that night about the footage I'm talking about.