Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fantasy, meet Reality; Reality, this is Fantasy

First off, I'd like to point out the obvious: I'm a dork. I love libraries - I'm blogging from free wireless in a branch of the Chicago Public Library. I love the silence and the smell of the books, but perhaps not the sound of the old guy next to me snoring away...

Here's what happened yesterday:
At midnight, I changed the website over to say "we're in Chicago!" in anticipation of getting to Chicago in the early afternoon. If you're one of the many people who called to congratulate us , sorry - we were a little premature in changing the homepage.

The Plan (ie: Fantasy):
Get everything packed in the SchmU-Schmaul truck by noon, hit the road by one, be in Chicago by four. Relax over a beer and deep-dish pizza. See how easy moving is?

Work like crazy until 5PM, packing everything up, loading the truck, and cleaning the apartment. Shower. Pass out for 45 minutes. Go to the biofuels coop to settle my bill for the CV joint rebuild (ouch). At the same time, fill up on 100% biodiesel and change the fuel filter. Mess up the fuel filter change, filling the injection lines with air and wasting another 45 minutes getting that fixed (with lots and lots of help from Jeff – thanks again!). Scarf down some dinner, eventually get on the road around 8PM and slide into Chicago just after 11PM. Sleep fitfully until the morning and hope no one breaks into the truck. See how easy moving is?

The Plan for today:
Drive around Chicago for a bit, see the sights, visit with some friends (especially Mary's super-cute baby nephew), be on the road by noon. Be in Indianapolis by three. Unload the truck into a storage unit - be done by six. Relax and have a beer. See how easy moving is? :)

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