Monday, February 19, 2007

Vehicular Drama 2

The weekend is over, and as promised, I have a car update for you all:
  1. It's definitely the glow plugs. That's why the car isn't starting.
  2. I can't change them in my employer's garage - it's too cold, too dark, my tool chest is more than 15 minutes away, and this afternoon I would have given my right leg for a 12mm deep socket wrench. With my cruddy tools (and cruddy technique) in the dark, it took me over an hour to remove one measly glow plug.
  3. My insurance covers towing!
So, we're getting the car towed over to Prairie Fire BioFuels Coop. The fine, fine mechanics there will get the old girl up and running again and get everything right as rain. As long as she's in there, we'll her fully serviced - and get everything completely fixed before our departure. Peace of mind (and the skin on my knuckles) will be worth it.

Side note: we're probably going to become coop members - it turns out that members get a $20 per hour of mechanic time discount (!) for any work on cars. If you use more than 3.75 hours of mechanic time, the membership pays for itself.

(Thanks, Dad)

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