Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

The most important thing I ever learned was to never believe any graph with only a few data points.

...In completely unrelated news, here are the statistics for our humble website and blog for December and January, as measured by Google's adsense (adsense impressions) and the webserver (visits and hits). So, by looking at this painstakingly assembled graph, you can see that we're off to a great start.

Also, our video, posted to youTube, has been viewed 214 times since January 7.

Anyhow, thanks for tuning in - and please keep watching - we have several pending announcements for early February that will make our whole trip more interesting.

Until then,


PS: I promise that the next post will not contain graphs, bar charts, pie charts, logarithmic scales, or any other data-visualizing device.

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