Friday, December 8, 2006

Filtering in action

I swear, this is the last post about filtering for a long while. I know these posts are too technical, but I want to show proof that this thing works. My next few posts will be about building camping stoves.

Here are some pictures of the rig in action.

The first image is looking at the rear of the car - you can see the 5 gallon jug of oil, the pump, and hoses running everywhere.

The second image is looking directly down into the car's trunk. You can see the veggie oil tank uncovered, with the discharge handle feeding oil into the tank.

In these pictures, the haze you see is from the oil - apparently the oil became a little foamy as it passed through the filter and pump. As the foam settles in the tank, it releases a little oil mist, which you can see as haze in these pictures.

In the end, we pumped roughly 3 gallons in about 10-12 minutes. No records were broken by any means, it was pretty cold that night, and I expect to do most of my pumping in warmer weather, so that might speed things up. In the mean time, I'm considering adding a second filter in parallel to speed things up. The problem is that more filters=more weight and more room needed. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment!

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