Saturday, November 18, 2006


My goals for this website:
  • Have fun
  • Educate
  • Make money

Have fun. That's easy: I want to have fun. Most people's lives (including mine) are pretty boring, this website is one of several steps I'm taking in my life to have more fun doing what I want to do instead of what other people want me to do.

Educate. I'm driving across the country in a car that, when running on vegetable oil, emits a net of 0 pounds of carbon per mile, and sends $0 per mile to middle eastern dictatorships. I love my country and I love the environment. Everyone could and should do this, but they don't, mostly because they don't know how easy and economical it is to do, so I want to help educate.

Make money. That's right, I won't lie to you: I'm a capitalist. Travelling 4,000+ miles over 2 months when I have no income will be very expensive, no matter how cheaply I can get my veggie oil. If you would like to advertise here, would like to set up a sponsorship (I'm willing to put company logos on the car, visit you on my way across the country, give your website photos, etc), or simply would like to donate some money to keep things moving in the right direction, please contact me at: (vegetableoilroadtrip at gmail daht com).

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